Get Your Landscape in Great Shape With the Help of Mulching Experts

Keeping your outdoor spaces in excellent shape can be easier than you imagine with the expert help of landscaping professionals! If you have a commercial or residential landscape in Oakwood, GA that needs specialized maintenance, you can turn, without hesitation, to FRT Landscaping & Home Improvement. Our excellent services range from mulching to pressure washing for varied surfaces, so you can rest assured we have all the skills to meticulously care for your landscape!

Our Dependable Services

Trimming and Tree Services

Trimming and Tree Services
Your trees have many different needs to be met for them to stay strong and healthy! Keep them looking gorgeous by turning to our outstanding tree services. Plus, if you need us to take care of the trimming of any plant species, we can do it with no problem. Our tree care expertise is excellent!

Mulching and Weeding

Mulching and Weeding
A dependable landscaping contractor from our company can provide you with the solutions you need to have nutritious and healthy soil in which your plants can grow freely and beautifully! Turn to our team to flawlessly weed your land and give you an appropriate type of mulch for your plants!

Retaining Wall Construction

Retaining Wall Construction
A strong and dependable retaining wall is indispensable for preventing soil erosion and land sliding, but its benefits are not merely functional! It can keep your plants in line and add some contrast, texture, and dimension to your landscape’s design. Rely on our team for its construction!

Pressure Washing

Pressure Washing
Dirty surfaces are not invincible! In fact, they can be easily and thoroughly cleaned with the right amount of water pressure and the excellent skills of our team of experts! We have outstanding pressure washing services available for a vast variety of surfaces and materials in your home or business.

Gutter Cleaning

Gutter Cleaning
You don’t want your gutters to get clogged and later have to deal with water filtrations and humidity stains. Put the cleaning needs of your home or business gutters in our professional hands! We can easily remove all debris and clear the gutter’s canal so water can run freely and without complications!


Landscapes Matter

Hiring a professional lawn maintenance service and related landscaping solutions can give you lots of tranquility when it comes to the well-being of your plants. Expert landscapers can free you from the heavy responsibilities of caring for each tree and plant and grant you more free time to spend, as you please. Plus, a well-cared-for landscape is an excellent resale value booster for any type of property!

How We Do Our Work

We do remarkable landscaping work because our team always keeps in mind the particularities of your soil, plants, and trees to be able to meet their needs. We focus on helping all plant species grow green and healthy and trim them when necessary to keep the right shape and size. Plus, we utilize professional-grade tools in every project!

The Areas We Serve

You can make use of our exceptional landscaping and gardening solutions, no matter where you are located! Our team can easily travel to meet you and do professional landscaping work in your home or business in Oakwood, GA or in any of the following nearby regions:

  • Flowery Branch, GA
  • Winder, GA
  • Buford, GA
  • Jefferson, GA
  • Braselton Town, GA

Your next front yard landscaping project can stand out if you hire our specialized team to give you a hand with all its maintenance and related needs. Do not wait any longer and set up an appointment with FRT Landscaping & Home Improvement directly! Give us a call today!

Juan Flores
Juan Flores
Very satisfied with his work
Isabella Martinez
Isabella Martinez
Excellent mulching service! Our garden looks fantastic thanks to their meticulous mulching work. The team was professional, punctual, and left our property immaculate. Highly satisfied with their service!

Client Testimonials

by Beverly J. Martinez on FRT Landscaping & Home Improvement
Good Job!

I am glad to recommend this company's lawn maintenance service! They have been caring for my property for some time, and I feel very pleased with the results they have delivered. The team is always amicable and very hardworking.

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